The new finance program is in developing

New program is in the developing stages.

This is a finance online program that will help:

  1. Clubs (pigeon clubs)
  2. Clubs (any other clubs)
  3. Organisation / Unions or Bonds
club finance

The following users are setup to drive the program:

  1. Admin users (treasurers )
  2. Admin org users (organisations/unions or bonds treasurers)
  3. Club admins
  4. Members (limit access codes) Because it is online program, every member can look at his account.

The finance program will have the following features:

  1. Subscription fees setup (total for the year)
  2. Add each member with subscription fees (batch load or single)
  3. Accounts (full outstanding balances)
  4. Bank account (All eft payments and expenses)
  5. Cashbook (Cash received and payouts)
  6. Journal book
  7. Weekly accounts (add to account)

This is a very easy Finance program, which can be driven by any guy with limit accounting knowledge.

Prices (can stil be changeable) R3000 per club and R3500 per organsation/unions or bonds once off, with a yearly license fee of R450.00 (first year is FREE license)

Leave a comment if you like the new program.

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