The racing pigeon software at each club.

Speedbird is running since 2008 at some clubs in the Gauteng area. Today we have installed Speedbird at 95 clubs, in Gauteng, Free State, Northwest, Namibie, Zimbabwe.

What make this software stand out to other programs, is that the program can upload the data from the electronic clocks while printing. No internal sniff’s.

Speedbird is a easy Club manager that help the race secretary with the following:

The following electronic timing clocks that is working with the software is:

  1. Benzing – all models
  2. Tipes – all models
  3. Unicon – needs a unikon laplink cable
  4. Taurus – all models
  5.  Bricon – need a conversion cable (deprecated) 
  6. Topigeon – need a conversion cable (deprecated)