This automatic Tool that can handle your flying pigeons results, and pass it to the pedigree.

This software is an Intranet program, it means that it run online but the pigeon fancier can only observe his own results. This go hand-in-hand with Speedhawk (click here). Racing Pigeons Repository, filter the fancier data by means of his Loft Number.

If you do not belong to a Organisation that fly on the Speedhawk system, do not worry, we can help you as follows:

  1. Manual input
  2. email your club, organisation results on an Excel spreadsheet or csv file, and I will import it

The Points System works as Follows:

  • 1. Your first pigeon home (first bird) received the full points as you setup under ‘My Profile’
  • 2. The following pigeons arriving (after First Bird) will only collect POINTS as follows:
  • 2a. OrgMax + 1 – PosO – minutes between him and the first bird
  • 2b. DivMaz – PosD – minutes between him and the first bird
  • 2c. ClubMax – PosC – minutes between him and the first bird
  • 3. Parents split is also under ‘My Profile’

We offer a Trial version for get the feeling. The Trail version will only allow you to add 10 Race Points in Total. To sign on to the trail version, use your loft number and the password: TRIAL

 What is the benefits for a full system and the cost?

From switching from a Trial version to Full system means:

  1. Open all the races in your organization for that specific year (WorkingYear)
  2. Keep track of the Best babies and flying pigeons.
  3. Keep track of the Best fathers (Sire)
  4. Keep track of the best Mothers (Dame)

The Costs is:

  1. R450 per annum per loftno and for ONE working Year.