SPEEDHAWK - the parent to Speedbirds

Racing Pigeons – Software

SpeedHawk is the main program at the organisation. This program help the race secretary to run all the Speedbirds, from the clubs, seamlessly integration and do the results  on a recalc method, to check the clubs, if all results are correct and in specification.

Speedhawk has the following features:


Speedhawk is currently run by the following organisations:

  1. GPU
  2. TRPF
  3. GRPF
  4. NFS
  5. PWDU
  6. PWDF
  7. PWDC
  8. NWPF

We need to upgrade the software on a yearly bases for new schemes and any new rules. That is why we ask for a license fee which escalates on 6% annually. 

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